October 27, 2019

We’ve broached some really difficult subjects lately, and this week is no different. The Bible has much to say that the modern world finds highly offensive. You may find yourself at odds with the Word of God. You may find that some portion of Scripture strikes a nerve. You may not agree with it, or believe it to be relevant in the modern era. But, personal preference or opinion does not negate the fact that it is the Word of God and He provided it to us for a reason. Ultimately, the litmus test of what is right or wrong is this: How does it square with the Holy Scriptures? The Bible is full of those who set the Word aside and judge for themselves what is and what is not sin. It never ends well for them, does it? God wrote the law, and God defines what is sin and what is not sin. And in the end, we’re all sinners. Aren’t we? The good news is this: Jesus fully accepts us, in Christ, despite our sin. Through his Spirit, he helps us to resist sin and live lives that are pleasing to him.