October 06, 2019

As believers, we sometimes wrestle with the existence of evil in this world, and why God would allow it. And, certainly, the question of evil can be a stumbling block for those who don’t believe in the saving power of Jesus Christ. How could a just God allow it?

Philosophically, this classical problem is often argued in this manner:

  1. If God is all-knowing, then he knows what evil is.
  2. If God is all-good, then he himself is not evil and he would prevent evil, if he could.
  3. If God is all-powerful, then he can prevent evil.
  4. Evil exists.
  5. Therefore (1), (2), or (3) (or some combination), must be false.

There is evil in this world; no one can deny that fact. But, why? Can we fully understand the mind and purposes of God? Of course, we cannot. However, Scripture does provide plenty of insight. In this message, Pastor Ben helps us to wrestle with this reality as he guides us through what the Scriptures have to say about it.