September 01, 2019

Acts picked up where Luke’s Gospel left off and is a record of the progress of the early church. “The Acts of the Apostles”. It is a book of action and prayer. A book of evangelism and conversion. It is a book of multiplication, as it records the explosion of the Gospel. It flourished, and it flourished immediately in ways unimaginable. The people of the early church didn’t just learn about God, they experienced God! This is a book of the Holy Spirit in action, as we see the Gospel spreading toward the four corners of the earth. Having at long last finished our study of the book, it begs the question: did they complete the mission of the church? For the Apostles and the early church, we could say yes. They ran their race well. But is the mission of THE church complete? No. It is not. The Book of Acts must leave us as believers with a motivation to act!