August 11, 2019

Do we confess our Christian beliefs as if they are Creeds for us? With statements such as I confess, I believe, I have placed my hope in, or even I warn you that there is a judgement coming for both believers and nonbelievers? The Apostle Paul certainly did. Even in the midst of persecution and confinement. He made the most of his time in prison, using it as his “opportunity to bear witness” to those who had imprisoned him. In fact, he asked for God to open even more doors for ministry. It is incredibly important that as we discuss with folks about the Gospel, as we talk about our faith in Jesus, and as we talk about the Bible’s teaching, that we not leave out the incredibly important information that there is a coming judgement. We must invite folks to not delay in getting right with God, because of what is coming: the Judgement. Today, as Pastor Ben leads us toward the conclusion of this study of the Book of Acts, he covers both the 24th and 25th chapters.