May 19, 2019

Are you sure of your faith? Are you sure that Jesus Christ is God, and your Messiah? Do YOU believe that? Are you able to defend your faith, or are you easily swayed from the Truth? Our faith in Christ and God’s Word are the most important things we need in this life, and we need to be absolutely certain in our belief of them. Are we truly pursuing our spiritual growth, as we ought to? Spiritual growth and maturity are essential to the Christian believer. And that is only possible with constant training through the Word of God. To quote christian singer/songwriter Chris Tomlin, “You and I were made to worship”. The capacity and desire to worship is hard-wired within us. But where (or to whom) are we directing our worship? We might worship money, our careers, our possessions, or even our children. But whatever we worship that is not God, is an idol. At times, we are all guilty of misdirecting our worship to “vain” or” worthless things”, as the Apostle Paul would say. Our worship must be turned toward the True and Living God. Our journey through the Book of Acts continues in chapter 14, as Pastor Ben delivers this 24th message in the series.