May 12, 2019

A mother’s love… It’s a love like no other. There are many different kinds of love. And if you’ve been in church for a while, you’ve probably heard the differing Greek words that translate as “love”. “Phileo”, a brotherly love, or a deep love between friends. “Eros”,  the romantic type of love. “Storge” may be somewhat less familiar; it is a familial type of love. And, of course, “Agape”. That’s the love of God. Unconditional. Agape is love because of what it does, and not what it feels. Agape prompts action. It is about commitment, not necessarily about feeling. A mother’s love is probably the closest to agape that we are likely to experience, here on this earth. But, in reality, it cannot be accurately conveyed with words. It is a steadfast love. Mothers are heroes to their children. The role of the godly mother is one of selflessness and sacrifice; it is a calling. It is the closest approximation of the example Christ set before us, during his earthly ministry. It is both incredibly fulfilling, and incredibly painful.